Friday, September 12, 2014

The Little Whispers of the Seasons

It's truly an agony to have lost my voice over the past few days. I got better today but on the first few days of being sick, the best I could manage was to whisper if not croak with massive voice breaks in a conversation. That was how bad it was. 

On a side note, this was one of my favorite outfit that I put together last month for my godfather's birthday lunch.
Denim shirt , Mint mesh midi skirt and a hat to cover up my undone black roots.  

On me: 

- Denim Button Up (Cotton On)
- Mint Mesh Midi Skirt (Bugis Street)
- Wedges (Melissa) 
- Neon Pink sling bag (Bangkok)
- Fedora (H&M) 
- Statement Earrings (Lovisa) 

Family Love. 

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Friday, September 05, 2014

A U G U S T : Life in Squares

As much as I love my Samsung Note 2, these days it just won't stop being a complete bitch. Transferring files to my phone has been a pain in the ass, thankfully for Airdriod I could simply download pictures from my computer without having to face crappy "Not Responding" messages whenever I drag files into my phone. 

Even though it's a little late but I'm keeping Sam Smith's album on loop again lately. I thought Leave Your Lover was sad but my friend disagrees. Selfishness aside, it's a pretty sademotional song okay! 
" Oh, I'm in love with you and you will never know, but if I can't have you, I'll walk this life alone." 
Unrequited love is just SAD and pathetic.
I could give you a list of my favorites on his album but if you're a lonely soul like me, In The Lonely Hour is just for you.

Anyway here is my life in squares for the month of AUGUST

Photos from L to R: 

1. S & I visited the YSL counter and she decided to give the bold red lip a try. She's not a make-up fanatic, so I had to take this photo to celebrate this moment! 

2. Since it was national day, I decided to do something patriotic. 

3. Accidental shot that turned out surprisingly nice at Chijmes. BFF & I climbed to the second level hoping to take my outfit shot without being disturbed or getting stared at. But two random guards has to appear out of nowhere and give me the shock of my life. Well, we laughed because they clearly know that they startled me.

4. Lunch at D'Good Cafe. No swings seat but I truly enjoyed that raspberry drink!

5. Deleted this photo of me & my lovely JDP because I kept having typo errors while captioning this. Urgh. Why does Instagram not have the edit caption button? 

6. I had nothing to post and I decided to post a mirror reflection of myself sitting like an ajumma. Just needed to show off my Sulley phone casing~ 

7. #OOTD I'd do an outfit post on this soon. 

8. My bro's transformation. On the left was taken during Chinese New Year last year and on the right was taken recently. This is what pre-enlistment has done to him (which I'm so proud of his determination) and he's a bald guy now because he went for Hair For Hope a month ago.

Oh and.. Greetings to you if you're celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival on Monday. Have fun feasting on mooncakes, lighting up candles and carrying lanterns. 
Have a great weekend everyone~ 

Leaving you links to find me... Just in case... In case I sparked some interest in you. 

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Friday, August 22, 2014

If you came into my heart.

Outfit details: 

Black tank top // New Look 
Jeans // BKK 
Blazer // Dorothy Perkins 
Heels // Zalora 
Bag // BKK
Hairband // Colette by Colette Hayman

It's amazing how I could finally fit into these jeans that were long forgotten. This would be my first attempt in layering in this hot & humid weather. Well, I managed to keep my blazer on the whole despite being so whiney about the heat. All because I was wearing a tank-top and I just couldn't bear my flabby arms.

Anyway I just received a notification on Lookbook that somebody upvoted my comment. Haha. I never knew what this means or how it worked until someone upvoted me. Haha. This shows how unfamiliar I am with LB.

Haven't owned any blazer yet even though I know that it's a staple in every girl's closet so I decided to invest in this one. Blazers are so nice to work with when you're in a colder climate or on rainy days (if you're from a tropical country like me). Simply just throw on a bright colored blazer for a color pop in your outfit, just like what I did here. Otherwise on bolder days, you may also choose to do color-blocking. This outfit I was inspired by my favorite style blogger, SongofStyle. I love it how she made any casual outfit look so effortless and chic simply by draping a blazer over her shoulders. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Friday, August 15, 2014

July Adventures.

I'm a very confused person. Just a month ago, I was so into anything American or Brit (be it music or shows) and now I'm back to watching K-drama and variety shows. I don't know what's worse, behaving like a 16 year old fangirl or that Korean entertainment is taking over my life again.
Anyway, I was watching Idol Manager today and in one episode the guys in MBLAQ attended acting class and they had to re-enact a scene from the drama "I love you, I hate you". Then there is this line that totally cracked me up.

 "You haven't had a drop of water, yet you're spilling bucket of tears. What are you? A Frog?"

So the next time when you see somebody cry and you wanna find out the reason why, do it the K-drama way~ Hahaha. Oh when you think of inviting a girl for lunch or dinner, there's also the K-drama option, but I'd suggest you to not attempt. Unless you don't mind getting whacked. Haha. Anyway, here it is for your reference.

Time passed by so quickly that I didn't realized that we're already half way into August. Here is a major throwback to the fun I had cafe-hopping and exploring new places with my bff last month.

1. Five & Dime
(Probably my favorite because of the Mentaiko pasta and the amazing song selections that they have there) 

 2. Creamier 

3. La Marelle Cafe & Boutique

Instead of hanging out at the usual place, these days whenever we meet up we'd try to explore places that we haven't been before. Well, I guess this polishes our map-reading skills to prep us for our overseas trip in the future~ (So far so good, we haven't lost our way yet. Hahaha.) Can't wait for next week to finally see her again.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Strawberry Vanilla

Hellooo~ I'm back with an update. July seems to be one of the months that I am more active on social media. Cleared my final assignment last week and now I'm sad to admit that it's kind of boring now. Besides having dramas and shows taking over my life, next up would be the final exams and then all of these would then be over.   
Oh yes, by the way I'm currently re-watching all of Harry Potter movies! Getting all excited when the Order of the Phoenix fight the death eaters and tearing when Sirius was hit by the killing curse. :') I've just finished watch Order of the Pheonix and I'm about to start the next one while waiting for episode 7 of the Korean re-make of Fated to Love You. 
P.S:If you have no idea what Korean drama to watch, I'd strongly recommend you to watch Fated to Love You with me. It's a cliche romance comedy drama but who seriously.. Who cares when the lead characters have so much chemistry? :D 
(Please watch it with me, so I can have someone who could understand the agony I am in every Wed/Thurs.) Hahaha. 

Honestly, I couldn't wait to share with you guys this set of photos because it's a set that I really love. Always love exploring new places for outfit photos and I'm just glad that I found it here. The white walls and the lack of crowd is definitely a great place for photos. 
Believe it or not, but the best buy from this outfit would be my hair band which I scored it at only $4 from Colette by Colette Hayman. The midi skirt was love at first sight, I went straight to the cashier after fitting and my shoes were also a great buy back in Bangkok City last year. 


- Crystal hair band (Colette by Colette Hayman) 
- White basic top (Dorothy Perkins) 
- Pastel pink mesh midi skirt (Dorothy Perkins) 
- Pony Bag
- Mickey & Minnie flats 

Some of my favorite things: 

Pony Bag
Cupcake pouch 
Minnie Handphone Casing
Handcream from Crabtree & Evelyn 
Versace Absolu 
Urban Decay Naked 3 palette 
YSL lippies 

I hope you guys are having a great Summer wherever you are~ Feel free to leave me a comment, or you could just tweet me or facebook message me. 

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Leafy Greens

Outfit details: 

Sweat heart Sundress (Dorothy Perkins) 
Black Cardigan (Patch)
Black platforms (Charles & Keith)
Unicorn Clutch (Infinite Pixie) 

Discovered this gem hidden in an alleyway a few weeks back and I knew I had to go back to snap some pictures. Oh, I almost fell on my way there because of my platforms (HAHA, what a klutz). This outfit was inspired by a friend who never fails to wear a cardigan over a sleeveless dress. :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

R R Rant: Boobie Woes

You read it right, I'm talking about boobs right now! I intended to keep this to myself but I thought ranting would be the best to vent my frustrations now. So bear with my, breasties

So recently there is this person who is annoying me. This annoying person, let's just call her K.
K is a person is seemingly self-conscious about herself. She takes interest in keeping a good physique, health food that I bring to work and also fashion. So whenever she asks about workout & dieting tips or fashion advise, I'd willingly share my knowledge with her. 
Anyway previously, she claimed that she needed to reduce weight so I introduced her Blogilates and Jessica Smith for simple exercises that could be done in the comfort at her home.
Her excuse was.. "Huh.. But I don't like to exercise."

Also, there are times that I thoughts she's weird. Note that I'm not close with K, I barely knew her.
On my work days, I'd usually pack homemade salad because I insist on eating healthy. Whenever I open my lunchbox, I could almost see K's eyes lighting up. She would ask me a tonne of questions like where can she get the granola bar that I'm eating, the recipe of my salad, where I bought my salad dressing and on and on. There are some days that she go out of her way to compliment about how awesome my salad looks and its making her tummy growl, I'd ask her if she wanted to try out of courtesy. (Of course, she went right ahead without refusing.) But this is fine because I invited her to taste my salad.

Well, the most annoying part has yet to come. Let's rewind to last week... 

It was a typical work day in the office, K suddenly came beside me and she started squishing my arm before giving a suggestion she thought was wise.

K was like: "Clarie, have you seen a nutritionist to see how much weight you can lose? *gives a serious face while studying my body* I believe that if you become slimmer you would look better." 

Seriously.... You are not self-inviting to my inner-circle are you? First, who gave you the permission to touch me or have any skin contact with me??!!  (Get your hands off me!!!)
Come on auntie, we are not even close for goodness sake! What makes you think I am in for discussion about my weight with you. And bitch please, of all the people you are worst when it come to diet. You have the least self-control, constantly snacking on unhealthy snacks not forgetting that MacDonald s is your favorite food. Now, who needs a nutritionist more? 

And yesterday K decided to she take another chance in knocking the doors to my circle by asking me an awkwardly outrageous question. I was wearing a  black mashed top with a floral skater skirt and one of my colleague commented that I looked slimmer than before. But I told her it's the top that made me visually slimmer. K who sat at the corner decided to get involved  by stating her disagreement. She just had to made a comment and give her piece of her mind... (Actually, nobody asked for your opinions, how about you just shut up?)

She said.. "Hmm I think your breasts are too concentrated in the middle. Maybe if you exercise more and slim your boobs you will look slimmer. "

Yeah she just did, SHARED HER BLOODY PIECE OF MIND WHEN I DIDN'T FUCKING ASK FOR IT. My boobs are concentrated? Of course it is, that's what bras are made for right???!!! My boobs are in the right  place and it's where it should be. If not what? Am I supposed to leave my boobs hanging outside of my bra? (Sexual harassment much?)

I stood there dumbfounded by the ridiculous comment that she just made and she continued with her crap about how she have fuller breasts when she was pregnant (Auntie TMI! Nobody is interested!!!). I felt relieved for a moment thinking that it's all over until she diverted her attention back to me, shamelessly probing..  "I'm just curious but what is your cup size uh? Got F or not ah, like Jolin? "

SO WHAT YOU ARE CURIOUS AUNTIE??!! I DON'T LIVE TO SATISFY YOUR CURIOSITY!!! This is just plain rude! We are not even close or connected or what so ever, give me a damn good reason that I should answer you? Do you think I'm stupid enough to tell you and let you broadcast to the whole whole?
In my mind, I was thinking. Yeah my cup is F... U C K U. Hahaha. Well I didn't bother replying because I know what might come next.

"Oh so does the gene runs in the family also? "

"What do you eat to have boobs like this? "

And blah blah blah... ... She'd be sure to question me like I'm some offender.


Oh yes, she even tried to apologize to me with minimal effort.
"Eh, no offence uh. I hope you are not offended what I just said." 

Yeah yeah yeah, that was so convenient of you. If you thought that it's offensive, you wouldn't have asked me in the first place. It's like killing someone and then tell them that you're sorry for killing them. WHAT FOR?

So today, I intentionally wore something that has a lower neck-line because I wanted to see what else she has to say. True enough, she didn't disappoint because I just knew she couldn't help herself.
She commented that I was very westernized but when I asked her why she didn't say much AND THEN.... somehow or another, she managed to pick up where she left off last week... (She certainly has ZERO creativity in starting a conversation.)

"You know you have pretty eyes? If you slim down you will be prettier."


I don't need you to judge my beauty.

People like her should cease to exist, she doesn't think about what place she is in to have given suggestions or comments. I don't need your shit advise or comments because I worked hard for what I am today and if I were to get the same shit again next week, I'll be sure to fire back. Seriously, just stfu bitch. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Buried My Flaws Deep Beneath

Time is passing in a blink of eye, we've reached the halfway mark of 2014. How is it going for you so far? 
It has been three weeks since my last update. Other than being tied up school and work, I've been very busy catching up on Reign & Game of Thrones as well. Hence, the lack of posts. 
(GOT is a must-watch! I haven't read the book but the show is just so epic!) 
My apologies, but I'm back with an outfit update~

Twirling in the (another )new maxi skirt.
Yes yes, it's another maxi skirt. I tried to stop adding any more maxis into my wardrobe but I just couldn't help myself when it comes in this shade of blue~ Well, if that's not crazy enough, I have another skirt of the same design but with a different colour.
Everything aside, I really adore this piece because of it's light-weight material and it suits the summer season anyway. But I guess this shows my undying love for maxis~ Love 'em so much cause they cover so much of my flaws (aka unflattering legs).


White basic top (Scored it at only SGD$9) // Dorothy Perkins 
Mesh Pleated Maxi Skirt // Dorothy Perkins
Shoes // Charles & Keith 
Bag// BKK (It's not from H&M although they sold something similar previously)

I have more photos for this outfit because many of it turned out miraculously good, so I decided to share~ Let me know what style are you into this Summer and what do you think about maxi skirts. I'd love to know. 

Once again, a huge Thank You for visiting my blog.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Hello internet friends, how is everyone doing? 

I hope everyone is doing great~ :D 
I'm back for another outfit post but before that I wanna share with you one of my favourite book and that is... The Art of Communication II by Taiwanese author Kevin Tsai; otherwise known as Cai Kang Yong. 
Well, I chanced upon the first book a couple of years back on playstore and decided to give it a read. Yeah I know... I didn't even own a physical copy of the first book back then but I'm glad he decided to release a part II to it and I managed to get my hands on it. 

Speaking/talking/communicating is something that we do everyday but we put very little thoughts to it because we don't know the art to it. I know I'm not exactly good with words but somehow or another, I realised that the importance of communications is key to building good relationsips and doors to more oppotunities. To be good with words is a virtue and I'm sure that we all know some people in our lives who are always benefitting from it. 

For me, it's H. H is just simply fantastic with words, till the extend that it doesn't feel like a chore when she asks for a favour. It all happened when H was about to attend a themed party, she wanted to dress up as Amy Winehouse but she was missing a hair piece to complete the look. So knowing that I have a collection of head pieces, she seeked me for help. 

She didn't start off the classic way by saying. "Can you do me favour?" Instead H took a different approach and she said something like, "Hey, I know you have a extensive collection of head pieces and I was wondering if you have a statement piece that I can borrow?" 

This may sound shallow but a twist of words with the same underlying meaning can make so much difference and it just makes me more eager to help. Anyway, H was really sincere because she was ready to travel to my place just to collect the headband from me. But sadly, I couldn't find anything that suits her. 

What I'm trying to say is that, we should all take a little more time to think and about what we have to say. There is nothing wrong to being direct but it may be the tone of voice and the way that the message is being conveyed might be hurtful to the person who is listening. Think before you speak because most of the time things that are blurted out so quickly might be hurtful to the one listening and you might unknowingly made an enemy. But if you are like interested in communications like me and you happened to be able to read Chinese texts, then go pick up this book. Because I assure you that it's gonna be a great read.

Alrighty, enough of my blabberings. Moving off to my outfit~

 Yeah, it's true that I am still not over the maxi skirt craze. I have 5 maxis in my closet till date and I'm guilty for buying the same design in different colours. I just wished that I could twirl all day in my skirt~ Anyway, this orange maxi is one of my current favourites because of its lightweight material and I'd probably be wearing this again tommorrow for school. :D

It's pretty awkward to be smiling with my teeth. :S 

Great shots are really hard to capture and these are the only 3 that I picked. But funny faces on the other hand are so much easier. Hahahaha Have a great week everybody! 

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Baby, it's cold outside.

On a night like this, I lit up my favourite candle, listen to the raindrops tapping on my window pane while I cosy up in my warm bed writing this post. So glad that I managed to make it home in time from my night jog before the rain started pouring. Oh these little things makes my day. A cup of hot chocolate would be perfect tonight. 

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the souveniers that I got from 3 different people who travelled out of the country last month.

1) A hand made bracelet & heart-shaped keychain (Godfather's recent trip to Eastern Europe)
The cute bracelet was something special that he picked out from along the streets during Easter Day and the key chain was from Budapest. Looking at his pictures

2) Postcard & coaster from Melbourne
A classmate went to Melbourne recently and he visited most of the places that Running Man filmed during their trip there. Saw a couple of familiar places that I've visited when I was a kid and it brought back so many memories.

3) Dainty bracelets & One Direction Merchandise
S came back from London with these! 8D S is really thoughtful because I told her once that I accidentally broke the bracelet that she got me from Taiwan and so she bought me a pack of 6 bracelets. (If one broke, I still have 5 more. Haha.) Well, she also got me One Direction merch because she thought I was a fan, she must have misunderstood me when I told her I liked a couple of songs by them. Haha. But still, thank you for paying attention to every little detail <3 nbsp="" p="">
Speaking of travelling, I'm almost done with university and would be gruaduating at the end of this year and no concrete plans were set for travel yet. I wanna do something memorable for myself before officially starting my career and I'm very tempted to sign up for internship or a work exchange in a foreign country. I did some research and reading, I was read some of the job scope and I doubted my abilities. Haha.
There is another way which is through Au Pair, where you mainly deal with kids by taking care of them. The only kid that I hang out with frequently is my baby cousin and I can't say that I'm great with kids. Playing and keeping company with her is a fine but through Au Pair I'd need to cook for the kid. Well, the best I can do is scramble eggs, salad, pan fried garlic prawn and black pepper mushroom, I'm sure no kids would love that. 
But even if I don't accomplish it this year, I hope to go on a work exchange before I turn 30. I believe that it would be an incredible experience to immerse in the culture of a foreign country and this is the best way to be independent. 

Can't wait to broaden my horizons and to see the world~

And this is what I've been complanining about. Awkward bangs and messy hair.

Oh yes, if anyone went for a work exchange, please feel to share your experience and which country you went for the exchange. :>