Saturday, April 12, 2014


April is the month that I turn twenty two. What remained the same is only my relationship status,  I'm pretty sure I'm a different person that I used to be. Happiness used to be everything but I have higher expectations of myself now. Of course, I wouldn't trade my own happiness for anything else but there are things that I believe is more important now. 

At 22, I won't even ask for much. I am just grateful that the people whom I cherish dearly are still here with me. Their existence is the greatest gift for me. 
Not forgetting readers who constantly leave me a comment on my blog, be-friended me on Facebook and liking my photos on Instagram. I wanna say THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the initiative and thanking you for wanting to know me. 

Contrasting to last year's lavish dinner party, I didn't exactly planned for my birthday this year. I was so busy mugging for my exam and I simply couldn't be bothered. I even thought of staying home to finish revision (what a geek). Finally, an idea struck me last minute which is to visit the National Museum. 
The last time I've been to the museum was 3 years back on a school field trip and I decided to go back again to explore the place hoping to be inspired. I've always been a fan of museums because of its historical value and it beautiful classical architecture. 

Had my birthday lunch at Food For Thought in National Museum before we began exploring the place. It's such a pity that we didn't have enough time to tour all the exhibits, I hope I'd be able to go again soon. 

I ruined my bangs! But since it's my birthday, please unsee my wonky bangs. ;)

With my BFF/Yubo. 

Get ready for some major picture spam. 

Outfit details of my Birthday Suit: 

\\Pastel blue knitted top// H&M
\\Nude maxi skirt// Dorothy Perkins
\\Shoes// Pazzion
\\Lil orange bag// Charles & Keith
\\Earrings and bangles//Lovisa 

And Yubo finally presented my gift during dinner time. Hahaha. It was awkward because I murdered her surprise for me. She came all the way to my house, wanting surprise me when I got downstairs but.... I destroyed it. HAHAHA. I was supposed to text her before leaving home but seeing that I'm already running late, I told her that I was at the bus stop waiting for the bus while I was still at home. That poor girl bought it and she fled to the bus stop, worried that she might miss me by a minute. HAHAHA. It was so hilarious and because I was caught red handed for lying.

That is my flimsy hand-made card along with my gift wrapped with newspaper. Imagine the 'surprise' receiving that.

 There is a reason for my laughter there. Hahaha. Let me show you the card she made me... ...

Yes.... I know I can be a little bit crazy sometimes and I shall leave you with one nice picture of me before I end the post (please forget about me being weird)...  

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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Brand New Day

Happy April's Fool Day! 

This year I was smart enough to not get fooled but still it doesn't kill to have a bit of fun. Jenfrmheadtotoe posted a March favourites video which was reviewed by her cute dog Oreo~ In my mail box, Zalora released their "Boys Over Flowers" summer florals newsletter and Cassey Ho from blogilates introduced her newest invention, the "Eat Clean Sponge". Hahaha, I really appreciate the entertainment. 
Last year, Google tricked us with Google Nose Beta and many of my friends actually believed it. It's amusing to watch them sniffing my phone away. But seriously, if Google Nose were to happen, it would be the coolest thing ever. 

This year, Google Map released a pokemon challenge. Those who managed to catch all 150 Pokemon would be offered a new job in the company as a "Pokemon Master". It's pretty cool for a job tittle but do you really believe that it's true? Anyway, that game was so addictive that I spent half of my day catching Pokemon. In the end, I only managed to catch 70 of it. Not yet a master but I'm close... Haha. 

Here is my outfit from awhile back.  

Selfie of the week and nail of the week. These days I try to put a little more effort in painting my nails and so I came up with this leopard nail art. I tried painting Mickey Mouse inspired nails this week and it turned out horribly wrong. Haha but I promise to fine-tune it so I can instagram it or something. 

Outfit details: 

Hat // H&M 
Earrings // Lovisa
Striped orange and navy dress // Patch 
Cat bag // BKK 
Mary-Janes // Vincci 

cute pixels photo: Sun sunnysmile.gif

What I liked most about this dress is that it has two different textures to it. The top part of it is knitted while the bottom half has soft layers of tulle. Interesting match isn't it? Anyway the weather in Singapore is not hat appropriate at all! I could feel the heat on my scalp. If you found my cutebutuseless bag familiar, that's because H&M is now carrying it in stores now. You probably won't find mine in H&M because there's only have black and leopard available. 

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Simplicity is the essence of happiness.

Anyone into the maxi skirt craze yet? I am currently going CRAZY over maxi skirts, till the extend that I went to buy another one with a different colour from what I'm wearing now. I totally cannot contain my eggcitment to wear my lovely maxi skirt out again once the weather gets dryer at my side of the globe. 

For a shortie like me, a pair of heels is a must when in a maxi, if not I would be ending up sweeping the floor with my skirt. I used to refrain myself from wearing skirts that goes over my knees, because I feel that long skirts would mess up my body proportion visually and I have every potential to trip over my skirt (Clumsy Clarie). I'm so glad that I finally overcame this 'height-restricting-my-clothes' crap by not being lazy and that is to pair it with shoes that give me a little more height. 

Anyway the reason why I love maxis is because my skirt would sway to the movement when I'm walking and it makes me feel like a princess. But most importantly, I get to sit like a man. Haha. I'm kidding, but seriously a maxi would entitle you the privilege to sit any-o-how. You won't even have to worry about flashing your undies. (I wear safety shorts under whatever skirts I'm wearing though.). 
Oh, check out my cute smiley bag that I got from BKK~ I would never forget all the trouble I've gone through just to find this bag in the entire mall. I actually stood outside the shop to wait for the shop owner to get back from her lunch. HAHA. :') 
I'm currently expanding my collection of #cutebutuselessbags. If anyone came across interesting bags/clutch like these, please let me know! THANK YOU~ 

One last failed shot of my doing the pain in the neck look. I wanted to be posey but I thought I looked like my neck is aching. Haha. 

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Hello my pretty readers, 

Today I wanna share with you my facial experience with My Cozy Room. Since my teenage years, having acne-prone skin is one of my greatest concern and recently my skin has been acting up quite a bit. My jawline is like a pimple battlefield, filled with bumps and acne scars. So I thought, it's time to seek professional help. Through recommendations and research, I found out about My Cozy Room. What caught my attention was the painless extraction process that many were raving about.  Also, the visible skin improvements made in a single session of facial. So, I gave in to temptations and went ahead to book the appointment. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Night Blindness

Listening to some of Tanya Chua's good oldies while writing this post. I can finally heave a sigh of relief now that my assignment was submitted earlier today. 8216 words, a truckload full of shit to do and we're finally done with it. Thank god for the great and hard-working team mates that I have met since the start of my university journey and finally, next trimester would be my last!

cute pixels photo:  strawberry13.png

Now that I have more time, I managed to make some changes to the layout of my blog AGAIN. I removed the clutter macaroon and went for a soft lilac colour as my new background. Changed my blog banner as well and this time, I made sure there was no spelling error. (I probably fooled you if you haven't noticed my spelling error.) Oh yes, I've also added buttons to my social media accounts on my sidebar, so it makes it easier for you to connect with me.

cute pixels photo:  strawberry13.png

On a side note, my Samsung camera is finally back from the service centre. Ever since that bad fall it had in BKK last year, my camera became a pain the ass. But well for now, everything is working well~ First test shot after a long stay in the service centre.

Pink shark jumper (H&M)//Lime Green Skirt (H&M)//Furry bag (G-Market)//Pastel Statement Necklace(BKK;Platinum Fashion Mall)

Presenting you my recent favourite make up look. Falsies OUT, mascara IN. Pairing it with my favourite bold lip. Maybe it's because my class end at such weird timing and I hardly have plans after that, I tend to get lazy sometimes. And because I'm only having 3 hours of school, it's pretty pointless to do a full make-up. But I still wanna to look good, so I thought of a less time-consuming way to do my make-up. To save time, I don't even use eye-liner anymore, I'd simply use the darkest shade on my Naked Palette 2 to line my eyes. (Ladies, Naked 2 Palette is a really great investment!) 
I hate to say this but without putting on falsies, really lessens the time taken for me to do my make-up and I get to sleep in later. But falsies are still for me on days that I want to dress up more. Hehe. 

On my lips: Urban Decay - Rouge A Levres 

Yankee Candle - Ocean Star is a new scent for my room!  It smells so gooood! Northern Lights candle have nothing over Yankee Candle. I've tried so many different scent from Yankee and non of them disappoint me yet but this Northern Lights is so pissing off because it has practically NO SCENT at all. It's so light like it's barely there, totally defeat the purpose of a scented candle. Anyway, I'm so glad that I got myself Ocean Star, every breath I take I feel so happy~ HAHA. 

.For all I know, Thurday is going to be great because I'm now going to fall asleep on a happy note. Haha. Happy Thursday y'all, you've passed midweek and it's just one more day to the WEEKENDS! 
cute pixels photo:  strawberry13.png

Thank you for reading~ 

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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Blue Hues

Just not too long ago, royal blue was my favourite color and velvet skirts were my go-to on lazy days. This outfit is so comfy that I practically wanted to recycle this outfit over and over again. Haha. In case you're wondering, most of the stuff that appeared in this outfit were all 'brandless' except for that pair of Charles and Keith shoes. Surprisingly, most of the item doesn't exceed SGD30! 

Black laced jumper -From Bugis Street at $15. That is after digging my way through the 'discount' racks. By the way, this was the first piece of clothing that I ever bought from Bugis Street! 

Velvet Skirt - From Bangkok; Platinum Fashion Mall at approximately $12. 

Royal Blue Tote Bag - From Bangkok; Platinum Fashion Mall at approximately $26 . (Mentioned this in post

Studded Toe Cap Shoes - From Charles & Keith; purchase during a sale. 

Now, who says you can't be fashionable on a budget? Speaking of which, I recently found out that I got featured on TBF! I'm really honoured and eggcited because this is my first time being featured on a fashion website~ I mean I never thought that I could be fashionable, considering the fact that I used to be very boring in my choices of clothes. (There was a period of time that I was stuck to leggings) 
Check out TBF's post to see my face outfit that got featured and how other fashion bloggers played with the pastel palette for their Spring outfit.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Life ain't easy, you got to be strong.

Was listening to "Common Ground" by Kodaline while writing this post, the song of the lyrics reminded me of the conversation I had with S last week.

S had been a great and supportive friend to me and I always looked up to her. Mainly because she is a wise old soul and for that she gives great advise. I haven't met S  for quite sometime so we did a little bit of catching up that night, and that was the day I felt so lost after a meeting. But my clouded mind cleared up after having some heart-to-heart talk that night.

In case you're wondering, it's my life after graduation that is bothering me, in short - my future.
What am I going to do after I graduate? What kind of job should I find? and the list of questions goes on.... ...
Let me say this again, I may seem to be nonchalant to some people but having mentioned it in previous posts, I really AM panicking. But I guess the biggest barrier for me is atelophobia- the fear of not being good enough. That is the reason to why I am at a standstill, but this is something that I've been working on to overcome it.

There are a few things that S shared and I thought it was kinda relevant to people like me, who would be looking for a job/currently looking for a job.

1. STOP looking for a dream job that fulfills all 3 aspects:
- A job with nice people
- A job that you enjoy working and
- A job that pays you well  because the chances of finding it is zero.
In reality, the best case scenario would be a job that has 2 out of the 3 criteria, sometimes you might only find 1 out of the 3 criteria in a job.  It would never be 3/3. Of course, you may argue that there is still possibilities to finding the perfect dream job, well that would  only be the case if you're really really lucky or you're probably highly extroverted.

2. If you have no experience, heck the pay and focus on gaining the experience. Sacrificing the money could bring you greater exposure and experience. It's never too late to start, intern-ship would be a great stepping stone to the corporate field. Not only that it looks good on your resume, it also opens up opportunities for you. If the period of 6 months would be too much commitment, opt for a 3 month period.

3. Learn! Never ever stop learning. I guess the biggest taboo is saying "I don't know" and then give up instantly.  Winners never quit and quitters never win! We were not born as know-it-alls, everything we learn becomes knowledge and the more knowledge you obtain, the gentler the learning curve gets. But the moment you call it quits, you're giving up every opportunity to learn and to be a winner.

I understand that many of us are still unsure of what to do after graduation, I am just as confused as you too. But, I recently took up a part-time job, hoping to conquer my atelophobia and also to figure my way through. For all I know, the sooner you figure your path, the route to success would be less bumpy.
Unless you have rich financial backings or you happened to strike it big, you should start thinking and planning for your future now. The future is not too far from the present, so get started now.

Alrighty, I shall end it here with a quote from S. Just in case you needed a wake up call, here's a gentle reminder to shake you: "What are you waiting for? Waiting for your peers to overtake you?"

Friday, February 21, 2014

Under pressure, precious things can break.

This post was drafted way before valentine's day but it didn't get posted cos it got stuck in my draft box. 
Anyway, this make-up look was inspired by the sweet valentine's day. 

For this look, I used pink as the base colour, blended a taupe shade at my outer corner of my eye to tone down the sweetness and to give my eyes more depth. To make my eyes sparkle, I lightly dusted shimmer powder all over my lids. To complete my eye make-up, I used a plum colour eyeliner instead of the usual brown to add a fun element to the look. 

These are my essentials to complete this look: 

For Eyes: 

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette 2: Tease (Contouring outer-corner of eyes) 
2. Urban Decay Glinda Palette: Magic (Base Color) & Tornado (Lining of waterline) 
3. Urban Decay Primer Potion 
4. Sasa Shimmery Powder 
5. Etude House Tear Eyeliner 

For Face: 

1. Chanel Le Blanc Fluid Foundation in 20 Beige 
2. Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder in 20 Clair
3. Estee Lauder Blusher 

For Lips: 
1. Urban Decay: Obssesed 
2. YSL: Rouge Pur Couture 27 

Here's the complete look~

Just to show off a little bit, I added some new stuffs to my room to make it prettier. My newest set of bed sheet and pillow casing. This time I decided to go for a full coloured bed sheet and I also bought additional pillow casing to match my hot pink sheets~ 

A new cushion cover from Ikea for my stool to dress things up abit. AND my new full length mirror. I finally got a full length mirror!

Now, you must be wondering that why doesn't this tittle relate to the contents of this post, that is just part of the lyrics to a song that I fell in love recently. This song is called Please Don't Say You Love Me by Gabrielle Aplin.

"Heavy words are hard to take 
Under pressure precious things can break" 

I'm a huge music lover and I listen to many different genres of music. There is no specific kind of music that I love but I'm especially loving the indie music scene! There was one day, I kept thinking of keeping a music diary on my phone, just to keep track of my feelings and thoughts when listening to a particular song. But sadly, when I went onto my phone's Play Store to search I just couldn't find any. I guess until some creative app developer decides to create a music diary app, I am going to keep a space in my blog to sharebother with you some of my favourite songs that I really love.  

So share with me, what are your current favourite song/s??? :D 

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Little Things

Happy Valentine's Day. 

Even though I have no sweetheart to spend my valentine's day with, I still make an effort to dress up. Who knows? I might just meet my valentine. Haha. So what if you're single? You can still dress up and have fun~ 

Wearing this pair of tights again after 3 years. I wasn't intending to wear the tights with this dress but because the length of it was far from appropriate after alterations, I had no choice but to wear a the tights underneath. But I liked how it turned out to be. It looks formal and a little bit more polished. 

This pair of heels was a staple that I scored in a warehouse sales a few years back. The heels is chunky enough for me to balance on and the height is great, the only thing is that I didn't managed to break into it after for so long. I could still remember the day I wore these babies out the first time, it hurt so bad that my feet were blistered so badly. Oh, these are what girls do for beauty. :S 

~Outfit details~
Dress: River Island
Stockings: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: Unknown
Mary Janes: Clarks

That's all for today I hope you'd receive lots of chocolates and love on this valentine's~
Check out my lookbook (I'm so newnoob at this, you can try and be supportive by hyping my look.)

Thank you.

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Sweetest Cupcake

Happy Lunar New Year to all of you, lovely readers. I hope you guys collected red packets and had yummy goodies to your fill. Here's my outfit that I put together for Day 1 of Chinese New Year. 

Pastel mint top (Dorothy Perkins)//Pastel pink midi skirt (Dorothy Perkins)//Pony bag (Far East Plaza)//White belt (BKK; Platinum Mall)//Statement necklace (Platinum Mall)//Mickey & Minnie flats (BKK) 

You can see for yourself how magical Bangkok is judging from the number of accessories that I'm wearing in this outfit. My love for Dorothy Perkins started during the days that I'm a UK 20 and even now I can't seem to quit my love for it.  The moment I stepped into the store, I set eyes on this pastel pink midi skirt immediately and when I saw the pastel mint top, I knew these 2 were just perfect for each other. I wasn't having any intention to buy because I was under the impression that given my height, any skirt that goes below my knees would made me look even shorter. 
True enough, the length of the skirt drowned me and it made me look shorter that I already am. So to improve the visuals on my body ratio, I added some height on my feet with a pair of Melissa strappy heels. 
So if you're as short (161cm) as me, don't be afraid to explore more options, go ahead and give midi skirt a try. Also, instead of going with the statement necklace, I went with my tassal earrings which instantly glam up my outfit. 

Midi skirts certainly made me feel more like a lady and the material of the skirt makes it formal. It's suitable for work or a date. For it to be more casual, simply just pair the skirt with a cropped top.

I hope you guys enjoyed the sharing of my outfit. If you love my posts, don't forget to follow me to read more. Love you. 

STYLE TIP 101: Pair your heels with midi skirt if you don't have the height of the runway model but still want to visually look tall. 

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