Monday, May 30, 2016

Cropped Talks

Denim jacket: Dorothy Perkins Crop top: h&mPants: Zara Furry earrings: Louvisa Pointed flats: PazzionBag: Tocco Tenerro 

As a larger girl, I tend put myself in a box when it comes to clothing. I have this unrealistically long list of clothes to avoid versus another that ideally fits what a fat girl should wear. Growing up, I was shamed because my size was always on the larger side of the scale. Over the years of being conditioned by society and people around me that I should cover up - crop tops, tanks tops, bikinis, tulle skirts essentially became part of this avoid list. Along the way, I've unknowingly only wore pieces that covered or somehow hide body parts I didn't want people to draw attention to. I could vividly recall from my younger days dressing from head to toe in black just to stay hidden and because they say loud colors and fat people don't go well together. All of that background noise sure didn't help in positively projected my body and my self-image at all.

Fast forward to today, I'm still working on myself. There'd be days that I accidentally let myself slip into that downward spiral because of what someone said but I've learned to not dwell on it for days anymore. Through this process, I've discovered one of my favorite YouTuber & body positivist Meghan Tonjes. She's one of my role models and this video was what inspired to put together this outfit, everything that I have illogical fears of. The next time someone makes an unwanted comment about your body, you can choose to ignore it or just end it in a true Tonjes style 'Congratulations, you have eyes.'

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

📍 Tokyo; Japan

Every time I return from a trip I feel compelled to pen a post on my experience as a keepsake for memories or perhaps to seek closure closure as I guide my heart back home. Don't get me wrong, I love how routine brings stability but this wave of emotions is real and I need to get sorted out.

Tokyo is like a whole new world. Clean and green pink, it was spring and the sakura trees in full-bloom lined up on the side walks and painted the city pink. Everything is amazing at Tokyo! Their efficient but slightly complicated metro, high standards of customer service, garbage disposal system and a personal favorite - cool high-tech public bathrooms. Imagine the joy of having a warm toilet seat on days at 10 degree Celsius~ Read on to more photos and places I hope you visit for your trip. 

Shinjuku Gyoyen

One of the parks that I'd strongly recommend for hanami - Shinjuku Gyoyen. Never mind the entrance fee because this is where you will get the best photos of sakuras. Sure, there're free parks like Ueno or Yoyogi but be prepared for crowds and expect picnic space constrains & long bathroom lines. Then again, Japan has great parks and should you have time, check them out. If not just Shinjuku Gyoyen would do. 

Monzen Nakacho 
The best secret place for sakura viewing

When the well-known parks are flooded with tourists and locals, there is this gem Monzen Nakacho hidden from the crowds. It's a goal for me to find less touristy spots at a country that I'm visiting and it has became unconsciously important over the years as I travel. The novelty of discovering new places that were less sought out and having good shots with no photo bombs is what motivate me to spend hours combing through Google pages and refining my search. 


Disney Sea 

Disneyland or DisneySea? The dilemma that I was stuck in before the trip, it's almost impossible to make a decision but C and I came to a conclusion that Disney Sea was a better choice because of its exclusivity to Tokyo. At the planning stage for the trip, both C and me were super positive and adventurous that we could conquer both worlds in a day. HA! Let me tell you we never did.
Trust me on this, if you wanna get the best experience at Disney, the plan would be have two days reserved for both parks each.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 

The best place for skyline shots is at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and even more awesome, it doesn't require you an entrance fee! Well, didn't they say that the best things in life are free? With that you get an overview of what Tokyo looks like from above and if the skies are clear, spot some of the iconic landmarks of Tokyo from above. 

 Tsukiji Outer Market

Sadly the fish market was closed when we visited, but the morning hasn't gone to waste. We roamed the outer market and had the freshest tuna maki, tamago on a stick and sashimi don. Of course I'd encourage you to go on a empty stomach, you certainly don't wanna miss out on the delicious food and snacks. 


Your one stop shopping and food heaven and this was where C & I spent our nights eating our way through Tokyo. This is also where the famous pedestrian scattered crossing (aka Shibuya crossing) is at, if you're up for people watching, head up to the Starbucks and get window seat for the view. 
As we talk about shopping in Tokyo, the iconic Shibuya 109 building, Don Quijote and famous drugstore Matsumoto Kiyoshi are all found in the Shibuya district. Keep a lookout at their drugstores because they carry special products that you wouldn't see in your regular Watson's or Guardian. 


Being a huge fan of Japanese cuisine, I had absolutely no issues with having it every single day. The food scene in Japan is pretty affordable, a good SGD$10 can buy you a decent meal to fill your tummies. Pricing wise it's comparable with Singapore but taste wise, Tokyo wins hands down.

Getting Around 

The subway system can be a little confusing, you gotto know if you're taking the subway or the JR line. Some place might be accessible by JR lines while others may only be accessed through the subway. For this trip, we got 2x 72 hour ticket passes and a PASSMO card for a six day trip. A pro-tip from me is to always have a pdf version of the subway map stored somewhere in your phone so that you can always refer to the station names to prevent you from getting off at the wrong stop. Also, have the Tokyo Subway app installed on your smart phones because this helps you with finding the fastest routes from stations to stations and lastly, never fall asleep on the train (don't miss your stop and start panicking).


Now here comes the most important part- budgeting. The total damage which includes air fare, accommodation & transportation was capped at 2.4k. We could have went for a stricter budget but it was the peak period we're travelling on, so air fare and accommodation costs significantly higher. Now, you've got to be wondering what other ways are there to stretch a dollar, here it is.

1) If you decide to give Disney a miss, you're most likely be saved from throwing your money on expensive merch. I'm embarrassed but I did went a little crazy at the Disney store but just the park tickets alone costs SGD$90! But if you still made it to logically holding tight to your finances in the Disney store, then I'd say kudos to you. 

2) Summer Japan 2016/17. Ah summer is when you'd most unlikely to need sweaters in your  luggage. Oh and if you're a person who travels light (which I'm obviously not), good for you because if you can fit everything you need in a hand-carry luggage, you're good to go. Flying on a low-cost carrier means you save on the money that's needed for having luggage checked in.

3) When booking your flight, always check out different combinations for timing and departing airport for your flights, they do affect the prices of your air ticket. Well, many chose to fly in & out via Haneda airport because it's closer to Tokyo and nobody would probably wanna deal with travel journey back to the city after a long haul flight. I remembered frantically searching for flights that fits my budget and discovered that flying into Haneda airport and departing from Narita airport would lower the cost of air tickets. That is when the golden opportunity presented itself that turn my sakura dreams into a reality... TOKYO 2016!

That's all I've got to share. I think everyone should go to Japan for its high-tech toilet, for its fatty salmon or even their silent morning train crowds. It has been a month post-trip and I could still remember the immense hospitality from kind strangers when Google maps failed, the beautiful days that I could wrap myself in layers and fortuitous food finds round the corner in a train station. You'll always have a special place in my heart. Till next time.

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Thursday, May 05, 2016

What's in my makeup pouch & Organizing yours

A girl's makeup bag has to be that one thing that I'd be game to raid. If given a chance to raid someone else's personal belongings, I'd pick makeup bags over wallets. Makeup bags reveals a lot about a person, personal hygiene and probably the best unconventional products that you've never heard of. Today you'd catch a glimpse of my makeup bag and I'll share with you that one tip I've stuck by to help you organize yours.

1) The formula

That is the ultimate formula to your make-up bag not getting overloaded with unwanted stuff. Step one would be to categorize your stuff into staples vs variables.

Staples are your essentially everyday must-haves. To know what your staples are, ask yourself this, which part of your make-up you need to fix by mid-day? Can your lip color get through meals without retouches? Will your winged liner last you till the night? If your answer to all the questions are yes, that means lip-sticks and eyeliner are your staples and these items should be in your make-up bag all the time.

Variables are items that would or wouldn't appear in your pouch at all times, it usually depends on your makeup for the day. Let's say if you're heading for a nights out and you've put on false lashes for extra glamour then the eyelash glue be at your reach (just in case your lashes fall out),but lashes aren't in your everyday routine, then I'd say to drop the eyelash glue as a staple.

Everyone's staples and variables is different. Since I'd usually pair my lip color to the overall make up, I wouldn't use the same lipsticks everyday, so for me they're a variable but they could be a staple for some people.

2) Determining the size of your make-up bag

Makeup bag

Okay now that you've gotten your items sorted out, it's time to pack the items into your bag. Above are some makeup bags selection you may want to put into consideration.

3) Packing it

Staples vs Variables 


1. Bath & Body works pocketbac hand sanitizer
2. Deep Moist Metholathum lip balm
3. Crabtree & Evelyn handcream
4. One drop (toilet deodorizer)
5. Travel sized spray perfume (contents: Chloe)
6. Travel sized brushes
7. Brow pencil & Eyeliner


1. Tester size Tarte Amazonian clay 12 hour blush
2. Sephora miniature eye shadow
3. 3CE matte lipstick in Chu Chu
4. Urban Decay Perversion mascara

This is what my make up bag looks like, do take note this isn't my make-up routine in its entirety but these are my top picks of what I needed most that's so important for me to carry by my side everyday. Seriously, the space in your bag/makeup bag is very precious, we can't possibly cast a undetectable extension charm on it and therefore anything that is  bulky (e.g. a full naked palette) should be avoided. 

Here comes the beauty of travel sized items. It's never because of its fun size that makes it oh-so-cute but its compact size makes a great fit for your makeup bag. Guess what, miniatures and sample size containers aren't that hard to get, I got mine from Sephora & Sasa. So the next time you think of carrying your favourite bottle of perfume just because you'd gonna need it after a Korean BBQ session, just pump it into the mini glass spray container and you can drop it in your makeup bag. Now, organizing your makeup bag is a piece of cake right? 

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon Palette + Theme Park make up look

Who doesn't enjoy sweet treats for the eye and on the eyes? I know that I do! The idea of infusing cocoa powder into eye shadows was intriguing when Too Faced launched its first Chocolate palette. It still is a novelty for makeup to smell deliciously like a chocolate bar and I'm happy to know that Too Faced has extended its Chocolate series palette with Chocolate Bon Bons.

The Chocolate Bon Bons continue with its chocolate bar packaging tradition just like its previous two palettes. The light pink casing reminded me of a strawberry chocolate bar and the most attractive feature were the eye shadow filled heart-shaped pots instead of the usual rectangular or squarish pots. 

14 Colors & 2 high lighting shades 

14 Colors:

- Almond Truffle
- Cashew Chew
- Black Truffle
- Peacan Praline
- Totally Fetch
- Cafe au Lait
- Cotton Candy
- Molasses Chip
- Mocha
- Malted
- Black Currant


- Satin Sheets

- Divinity

The colors were highly pigmented, it took me two swirls on my fingers for it to transfer nicely onto my skin. However for better visibility of the colors on camera, I had to swatch twice for Almond Truffle and Divinity. All of the colors are smooth and is easy to apply on the eye and as for now I adore the combination of Mocha x Molasses Chip x Malted for a neutral look.

Keep reading till the end for a tutorial as I show you how to craft a festival/theme park makeup look.


The Chocolate Bon Bons no doubt is the palette for Spring. The combination of neutral shades and pops of pink is like a dream come true for me since I've always wanted pink shades in my palette but not as a main color. In this one, the balance for neutrals and pink shades allows you space for creating new looks and functions as a switch up for your usual everyday look.

However, when we bring versatility into the topic I feel that Bon Bons would not make the cut for being the One that you stick throughout the year or seasons. For my ladies who find absolutely no connection with the color pink then this one would definitely not appeal to you.

Theme park Make Up Look 

Inspired by the cute girls I came across while I was in Disney Sea, the most common make up sighting were their star studded cheeks. 

In this look I used the star gems (for nail art) for an extra twinkling effect. 

Colors used: 

Sprinkles, Totally Fetch & Black Currant

1) Using Sprinkles as a base color and pat it all over your lids

2) On your outer corners of your crease, pick up totally fetch and blend inwards.

3) Using black currant, gently pat a small amount closer to the lash line of the outer V of your eyes and blend. 

4) Make sure that your shadows are blended in. (False eyelashes are optional) 

5) Put on your star gems by dabbing a tiny amount of eyelash glue onto the star and place it on the high points of your cheeks. 

There you have it, a theme park make up look~ 

Comment below if you own this palette, let me know your thoughts!

Till next time,
Clarie C  xx