Saturday, September 26, 2015

Of Art & Mirrored Bombs

Outfit details: 
Top // Zara 
Skirt // New Look 
Plimsolls // Pazzion 

One of the perks of our nation turning 50 is having free passes to museums last month, for the entire month of August I've covered as much museum grounds as possible. While my visit at 'After Utopia' exhibition at SAM, I ran into two ladies who seem to have a hard time taking photos, so being the nosy person that I am I approached them to ask if they needed help in taking photos. Chatted for a bit to realize that they from Taiwan and one of them were here to visit their daughter. They were very nice people by the way. If you guys were to come across tourists or just anyone that needs a little hand in taking photos, do them a favor and help them out. You'll never know when you'd be at the receiving end some day.

Since I spent most of my days museum hopping, I made sure to dress in comfort. My plimsolls were the best pair of shoes that I've ever bought, it's so comfortable and I can walk in them for hours without my feet hurting. Such a pity that they looked so worn out now. I hope that I'd be able to find myself a replacement. The top has also been my obsession lately. I love it so much to a point that I feel that I've been over-wearing it. Yes I also bought the same top in a different color! That is so me, can't wait to share with you how I decided to pair my other top!

Also, my friends I compiled a playlist for October! It's songs that I've been keeping it on loop and says a lot to what I'm feeling right now.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

My Dream Workspace

I've always imagined my dream work space to be surrounded by white bricked walls with full length windows. During the day, the sunlight that peeks through the window would give the cold interior some warmth. Having ample sunlight indoors is one of a way that keeps your spirits uplifted. Who would want to work in darkness anyways? Here are some of the items that I would have to create my ideal work space.

My Dream Work Space

Vinyl player (with a couple of my favorite vinyl records)
I know I know, Spotify is everybody's companion nowadays and people these days hardly buy physical CDs, much less vinyl records. Call me old school but I like the idea of having a vinyl player in my work space. Imagine playing a good old Beatles album on the vinyl and how heavenly it would sound. Also, the modern vinyl player is exceptionally aesthetically pleasing, talk about being doubled up as a part of interior design.

I must admit that I'm not someone with green fingers but a patch of of greenery is always appreciated. Not only that it's a good decor piece, the terrarium also boosts circulation of oxygen and it treats your eyes to relaxation after the long hours of staring on the computer screen. What's even better, it's known of its low maintenance!

Inspiration Board
It's important to keep your ideas fresh to stay inspired. It could be quotes that you live by, photos of things or places that keeps you motivated in whatever you're doing.

Well this is just a decorative piece which makes a statement in any white washed room. So I'll take that.

Office Chair
There's no way one could under-estimate an office chair, it could make or break your back. Never compromise on comfort especially when you're spending most of your time on work. A chair with a steady back with arm rest would be the perfect choice.

Book Shelf
A book shelf is a great way to keep your things organised when you have books and magazines to hold. Personally, I do not have an extensive collection of literature. So for the shelves that are not filled, I'll use it to hold some decorative pieces like my candles.

So these are my top picks of must-have items that makes my work space a little less serious and a bit more fun. What do you have in your current work space that you can't live without? Let me know in the comments below.
If you're looking for a cool spot to get your work done, check out WeWork. They offer office space all over the world! 

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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Get Back on Track

Top: New Look 
Floral Skirt: New Look 
Boots: Panda Wanda 
Hat: Forever 21 

Last month's adventure was to discover one of the photos spots in Singapore - The old railway track.

Looking back at the photos, I'm glad that the photos turned out great. Usually great means I found good enough shots that makes it on my blog or Instagram and there isn't stray hairs on my face or the photo doesn't look awkward.
Recalling back to the mini hike up to the railway tracks put my life at great risk. I almost tripped over the uneven grounds and evil little stones. Any shoe with an elevated heel is a bad idea, unless you have someone who'd catch you when you fall, then maybe you may consider bringing out your best stilettos.

I had so much fun in August that it's depressing to see it end. If you're following me on Instagram, you would have known that I've been to two concerts (Kodaline & Imagine Dragons) this month! As immature and unrealistic this may sound, those were the good times that I wish I could go back and relive those moments again. Now, September... Be Good.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Perfect Wedding Pair

Hola everyone~ I'm bringing you another style challenge and this time it is in collaboration with Weddington Way. The challenge today is to create the perfect pair by matching a bridesmaid dress alongside a tuxedo.

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses seems to be the way for weddings now, long gone are the tradition for matchy-matchy bridesmaid dresses. One of the ways to add cohesion into the group is to coordinate the color of the bridesmaid dress with the bow-tie of the groomsman. For the bridesmaid dress, I chose to go with a platinum colored dress. The silver gray color has a touch of elegance and the simplistic design makes it fun to add on accessories. As for the groomsman, I've chosen a blue tuxedo with a matching platinum bow-tie. Sometimes the blue suit could be overlooked as people tend to stick to the usual grey or black suit for the formal event, and of course I just had to go with a bow-tie because it simply gives a fun and quirky vibe to it.  

Do check out Weddington Way for more chiffon bridesmaid dresses and texudo rentals

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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Round the Neighborhood

Hello to you my furry friends! I know that I've been gone from this space for too long but now I'm back on the grind. So look forward to more outfit posts and contents about things that interests me. 

Horse printed blouse: Dorothy Perkins
Lilac skirt: New Look 
Earrings: H&M
Bag: Rabeanco 
Pink ballet falts: Pazzion 

By now everyone must have already known about my obsession with sweets and desserts. Last month I had the best bingsoo of all time! It's aesthetically pleasing (Instagram worthy) and so delicious! As much as I'm deceiving myself, I'd still like to think that it's a healthy dessert considering that you have at least half a melon to finish off beneath the shaved ice. Desserts are really my weak spot, bring me to a have sweets and my heart is yours. Haha. 

Alrighty, till next time! 
To all the readers who stuck around, hopefully my outfit posts inspire you in a way or it gives you a reason to go on a shopping spree. Remember that beauty is a state of mind and not a state of the body. You are beautiful and never let anyone tell you otherwise. 

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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Mixing Textures

Outfit details:

Top (Dorothy Perkins) 
Denim Jacket (Dorothy Perkins) Find similar here
Suede Skirt (New Look) Find similar here & here
Studded Heels (Zalora) 
Hat (Forever 21)

Playing with textures helps to create more variety in your outfits and add more depth to the look. It could be a start to getting creative before stepping up your game to mix patterns. I'm wearing a soft suede skirts here and I layered on with a denim jacket. Accessories wise, I have my  trusty black hat from F21 and the Russian doll bag which I reminds me that I have a hashtag on Instagram that you can find all of the cute clutches I own (#cutebutuselessbags). Well because they literally are cute but useless and I just happen to fall for it each time. By the way the lovely people at ZaloraSG & NewLookSG featured this look on their Instagram,do check them out HERE & HERE.

Also because I'm in the mood of sharing my thoughts and songs that I've been listening non-stop, I've made a Spotify playlist! It's a mix of songs from artists that are always on my playlist and those that I just discovered. I'm always curious to know what songs you're listening to right now, so share with me the songs you are having on loop. 

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

When Worlds Collide

Outfit details: 
White T-shirt (Dorothy Perkins) 
Cream sleeveless blazer (New Look) 
Jeans (Dorothy Perkins) 
Platform Shoes (Bugis Street) 

Last set of outfit photos shot using my Samsung NX1000, which came as a surprise to me that even after two years it's still functioning well and it unexpectedly outlive my Samsung NX210. Then again, this might just be the last time I'm getting myself a Samsung camera. There were so many occasions that the Samsung camera broke my heart! But I'm now renewed and recharged, I've now move on to team Canon now!

I've scouted this wall of graffiti art to be featured in my outfit photos two years back but I haven't gotten a chance to piece an outfit that could possibly bring out the vibrant colors of the art. Now that I'm decked in muted colors and wardrobe basics, it's just a perfect combination with the beautiful wall paintings.

Recently on my playlist, I've been keeping James Bay's album 'Chaos and the Calm' on repeat. Every song is gold! In the beginning it was Hold Back the River that got me hooked and when I continued listening to the album, the rankings for my favourite song just kept changing. It got to a point that I couldn't decide which was my favourite song anymore because the entire album is so easy on the ears. While I was writing this post, it kinda struck me that I share some resemblance with James Bay with that black hat and long hair! Haha. I'll leave you with one of the songs that I really liked on this album.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Insincere Compliments

I don't know if you know about what I meant about insincere compliments but here are a few for reference. 

"You have great features but you would have been prettier if you lost weight." 

"How can you be single if you have such a good personality?" 

"For a fat girl, you're considered good-looking." 

Seriously, how is it possible to take these as compliments when it's obviously so negative? These are things that I've heard in my life from people who are clearly insensitive or just felt the need to say something mean but hoping that it passes off as a compliment. 

This was what happened recently, a friend commented on one of my outfit photo telling me that I would do well if I got a job if I modeled for plus-size fashion. 
Let's pause a moment because I'm confused. Is she indirectly telling me that I'm fat? Or is she implying that I have good fashion sense? A few of my friends who saw the comment felt sorry for me because they thought of it as  insensitive and rude, and they actually offered comfort to me. (They were super supportive of me!)
Don't get me wrong I'm not being cynical, I just don't like to be labelled as 'plus size'. I'm definitely not size two and by society standards I should be the 'plus size' represent. But is putting the label to sizing necessary? Being called 'plus size' isn't empowering at all because the word itself leads to association such as 'bigger' or 'larger than normal'. There's fashion for petite girls and I wonder why for curvy girls have to come with the tag of  'plus-size'.
I'm not at all affected by this person but I'm in doubt of whether she genuinely wanted to compliment me about my dressing style. (I could think of  a million other ways to make it sound more positive.)

What I want to say is, choose your words wisely. Giving insincere compliments sound no less offensive than people who say it directly to your face.Why mask it under sweet words if they're intended to hurt someone? Don't lavish your compliments just to make yourself feel like the nicer person when in fact your underlying meaning to it is criticism. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Health Bites

In today's post I'm going to share with you guys two quick and simple recipes for snacks that I absolutely love! Most importantly they are all good for your body! You just have to do a little bit more rather than to tear open a packet of chips. 

If you don't know it yet, avocados is loaded with a bunch of health benefits! It's rich in nutrients, boosts cardiovascular health and lowers cholesterol (just to name a few). Instead of serving this as a snack, this makes a good breakfast as well. 

1) Slice avocados into half and remove the seed.

2) Create a cup by scooping out excess flesh of the avocado. 

3) Crack eggs into the hallows of the avocados that you've just created.

4) Season it with salt & pepper.

5) Place your avocados into a dish so that it sits perfectly then put it in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

Healthy Dessert: Greek Yogurt x Mango

They say a lady always drinks her bourbon from her teacup, excuse me while I eat my dessert out of a wine cup. With the constant rising temperature, this dessert is the best treat to sooth the heat in summer. Not only that it's delicious, it's also so easy to prepare! Don't say no to a fuss-free healthy dessert.

1) Dice up your mangoes into little cubes

2) Scoop the amount of Greek yogurt (I'm using Farmer's Union Light Greek Yogurt) to your liking depending on the size of your cup. Since I'm using a wine cup, I had it half-filled. 

3) Cut up a handful of almonds for toppings

And tadaa, your dessert is ready to be served.

Have fun in the kitchen. Do share with me more breakfast ideas and even healthy bites. I would love to hear from you. Love you all! x

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

X O, Yes and No.

Outfit details: Top (Bangkok) // Skirt (ASOS) // Boots (Wanda Panda) // Socks (Bangkok) // Pony clutch 

Femininity is my style. The color combination, ruffle sleeves, and the slight peek of frilly socks from the boots are the best statement of femininity in this look. I even painted my lips pink to match the look. I don't know about you but I'm pretty much that kind of girl who matches her lipstick color with rest of the outfit. I'd always wear pink lips when I wanna feel cute, red for sexy or coral because neither pink nor red matches the outfit. It sounds silly but I do it all the time!

A nude ruffle sleeves top is super fun to work with because it goes with absolutely everything. Sadly, I accidentally ripped a small part of the sleeves when it got caught on the door handle. Ever since then, I've been on a hunt to find something similar in hope to replace this piece. But after months of trying, I still couldn't find anything that comes close to this. Sometimes I wished that I made my own clothes so getting clothing styles that I like would be so much easier. 

Oh has anyone watched Pitch Perfect 2 yet? It was aca-amazing! This movie makes a great stress reliever if you're having a rough week, I promise you that it will bring so much laughter that you'll forget all about your troubles. While I was sitting in the theater, there was so many moments I felt the need to applaud the performances because the casts were so good at doing their thing. But I held back, cos y'know it's not a concert. So now, I'm putting the soundtrack on loop to relive epicness of the riff offs!

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spring Vibes x Floral

Outfit details: Basic top (H&M)//Floral Pants (Dorothy Perkins)//Heels (New Look)//Blazer (Dorothy Perkins)

It was Mother's Day last Sunday, how was your celebration with your momma went? This year, to give my mom a memorable Mother's Day I went an extra mile to give surprise her, turns out that she liked her surprise so much that she starts crying happy tears. Haha. She's emotional like that, but I'm just glad that she found it useful! 

Pieced together this outfit as it reminded me colors of spring time. Floral pants are a challenge and it sure is difficult for anyone to pull off. I remembered how I always wanted to find floral pants that wouldn't look like a set of PJs. This watercolor printed floral were just the ones I've been looking for. Well, I think the material is the key for your floral joggers to not look like pajamas. A soft and drapey material gives it a less structured look that is why it keeps  reminding you of those comfy pajamas pants. 

Since my smiley sling bag coincidentally matches my blazer, I had to use it for this shoot. It's one of the many cute bags I've collected over the years. Can't wait to go back to BKK to hopefully find even cuter and useless ones.

Oh by the way, after having @sweetsx3 for quite sometime, I've changed my Instagram username! I am now @clariecuppycakes Follow me for more updates on Instagram. 

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